Empowering Freelancers and Small Businesses with Cybersecurity Confidence

Almost all aspects of your business depend on the internet. From finding new customers, ordering equipment, communicating with your team, and sending out invoices. All of these critical elements of your business happen at least partially digitally.

Losing access to these tools would have a detrimental impact on your business. Almost 90% of cyber-security attacks target online accounts like email, social media, and payment. This means that protecting these online accounts is as important as locking the door to your shop or office.

Dario Salice

Founder & Senior Security Advisor

Former Product Manager at Google & Meta.

Are You Interested To Learn What It Takes To Protect Your Business?

My passion in Cyber Security comes from the opportunity to help people in protecting their voice and work online. The Internet provides so many people with a unique ability to express themselves, and I'm here to help you do it in a safe way.

What We Do

We help Freelancers and owners of Small Businesses understand and reduce the cyber security risks that can put the health and success of their company at risk.

Why Choose Us

We understand that small companies and startups in their early stages have limited resources and have to balance their investments. This is why we're helping you in very pragmatic ways and want to help you understand the cyber-security related issues that should be top of mind today and what is not relevant to your situation.

Who We Serve

We mainly work with organisations with 1-50 employees and early stage startups. We believe that this segment is underserved by the wider security industry.