Security 1 on 1 Sessions

Being a Freelancer or owning a Small Business requires you to wear many different hats. Your responsibilities range from marketing to finance, and maintaining your own IT infrastructure. While a lot of self-service tools make the latter easier, it's still unclear to most how safe they are and what the risks to their business look like.

This is what we've developed this workshop for. At the end of this 60 minute workshop you'll have gained knowledge about the risks and threats your business might be exposed to online and have improved the security posture of your business against the most common types of attacks.

We're covering

  • Common risks online

  • Audit existing online accounts that are relevant to your business

  • Address common questions and apply them to your situation

  • Improve security posture on core elements of your digital business

  • Provide a Cheat Sheet on how to maintain your security hygiene

We're not going to ask you for any passwords or require you
to install software.

Fixed rate for this service: £100 / $124