Our services

We offer a wide range of services tailored for your business to be more secure from cyber-criminals by providing training, risks assessments, perform threat modelling workshos, and identify themost suitable solutions for your needs.

Security 1 on 1

Our entry package consists of a 60 minute workshop in which we will help you assess your security posture and make practical improvements on core elements on your security.

Get your IT-Team ready

IT professionals in Small Businesses are great allrounders that can get anything digital running again. We're here to help them to get ready for the challenges to secure your IT.

Threat Modelling

As you grow, the complexity of your IT Infrastructure increases. Conducting a threat modelling assessment is a good way to understand what could go wrong.

Product Integrity audits

Scammers aren't only looking for technical issues. They often also exploit ways your product wasn't intended to work for their fraudulent activities.
We offer audits of your products to identify potential ways your products can be exploited.

Penetration Tests

Customers are increasingly asking their suppliers to run penetration tests on their infrastructure. We're offering tests for a broad type of infrastructure.

Security Consulting

If you have a more complex project you need help with, we're happy to offer our expertise on a more customised level.