Security 1 on 1 - Account Security

Learn how to protect your business by improving your account security

Dario Salice

2/14/20231 min read

Welcome to - This is the first blog-post about a workshop we're launching. By now, most aspects of your business are connected to the internet. From reaching out to new customers to managing your invoices - it's all online. With that there's a growing number of accounts you're juggling every day and bad actors will try to gain unauthorized access to them. Losing access to these accounts could have detrimental impact on your business. That's why we've developed this 60 minute 1 on 1 workshop to improve your security posture.

At the end of a 60 minute workshop you’ll gain knowledge about the risks and threats your business might be exposed to online and have improved the security posture of your online accounts.

We're covering:

  • Common risks online

  • Audit existing online accounts

  • Improve security posture and reduce loss of access risk for your accounts

  • Cheat Sheet on how to maintain your security hygiene

During the coming weeks, this workshop will be offered at a discounted price of € / $ 40.